This is Grace

This is Grace

Professors who integrate faith and learning. Peers who become fast friends over a hot cup of coffee, shared interests, and a common passion for Christ. Chapel services where hundreds of voices are raised in worship – this is Grace.

Accelerated degree programs that allow you to graduate in three years and get a master’s in four. Opportunities to compete in varsity, junior varsity, club, and intramural sports. Dozens of chances to travel the globe – this is Grace.
A campus bustling with activity. A community filled with internship opportunities. Ice cream study breaks in the Village at Winona and the soft glow of a sunset over Winona Lake – this is Grace.

Christ-centered community and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities all in an idyllic location – this is Grace, and we want you to experience it all!

Hi, I'm Grady. I'm from Fort Wayne, Indiana. In high school, Grace was the first school to reach out to me. I knew it was the best fit because it was a place where I could grow in Christ and the opportunity to get my bachelor's and master's in four years was perfect for me. Since being here at Grace, I've loved the relationships I've built with other students on campus.

I live in Beta, where everyone feels like a brother. Not only have the relationships with friends made a difference in my life, but also my relationships with professors. You can really get to know the faculty here on a personal level because they truly care about you. Grace has been the best place for me to step out of my comfort zone, take risks, and grow as a Christ follower and leader.

Hi, my name is Tori. I grew up in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, but moved to Winona Lake, Indiana, starting my sophomore year of high school. It was a huge adjustment, but I knew it's where God wanted us. When I moved here, I heard a lot about Grace because it was so close by and my mom was a Grace grad and in the Hall of Fame.

I knew Grace was a special part of my mom's journey, but I never dreamed that it would be the same for me. That all changed after I attended Grace's soccer camp. I loved the coach and the team. So I talked to Coach Voss, learned he wanted to recruit me, and the rest is history. I love Grace because it is Christ-centered and the staff show joy through their work, and it encourages us to do the same.

My name is Welcome Kabayiza and I was born in Rwanda, Africa. My dad worked in tourism, and I would help him translate. And through that role I met one of his friends who was a pastor from South Africa. This pastor called his friend and asked, "How do you feel about taking in a young lady from Rwanda for education?" The friend of South Africa said, "I can't but I know someone who can in Indiana." So I found myself living close to Grace College.

When I was choosing a school, I didn't know what was next and I was nervous about my future but God had a plan. When I got to grace, everything changed. The campus was so comfortable and friendly. Getting into school in America took a lot of work and there were days where I felt like it was impossible, but I'll never forget telling God that if this works out every morning for the rest of my life, I will say thank you. And here I am thanking him for this opportunity each day.

My name is Logan Ringgold, I'm from Las Vegas. Throughout my life, God has brought mentors at just the right time. One specific mentor introduced me to Grace, whose name is Lonnie Anderson. He's a seminary professor who told my mom about how amazing Grace was. It was like God opened up a door I didn't expect. My first time on campus was Moving Day, I knew that I was not in Vegas anymore. But after a while, Grace became just like home.

Going to a faith-based school is important to me. Because whether it's in a class, at a campus event, or even on a taco run in the middle of the night with my friends, God is in everything that we do at Grace. So that's my story. But what about you?

If you want to experience Christ-centered community, in the classroom, at the coffee shop, and in chapel, this is Grace. If you want the opportunity to get your degree in three years, compete in athletics, or travel the globe, this is Grace. If you want to study in a peaceful Lakeside location with countless internship opportunities, this is Grace. This is Grace and we want you to experience it all.