Guided by Grace

Best Tacos Near Grace College

We set out to do a taco-tasting video, but the event took a fun and fantastic turn. Watch the video to see why the Warsaw / Winona Lake, Indiana, area is an incredible place to attend college. Join us on our adventure as we explore the community around Grace College.

Did you know that Winona Lake is full of amazing Mexican restaurants and taco trucks? Students have lots of options, so we decided to check it out. A team from Grace went out to try the best tacos in the area. But it did not go as planned. It was even better! Before we knew it. We were part of a karaoke concert and eating pig stomach, check out our crazy experience.

Our first stop was a local favorite San Jose. San Jose is located in the back of a traditional Mexican grocery store. Students love this spot for their quesidillas, low prices, and awesome salsa. We had planned to do a nice little tour but when we arrived, we saw the place was full of people and we got swept up by the friendliness of the staff. Here, you can see several of the staff asking for interviews. It was so fun to get to know them that we lost track of time. Finally, we remembered the reason we were here and got some tacos. Overall we love the stuff and getting to meet some of the customers too.

Our second stop was El Comal. We thought we were just getting tacos, but we thought wrong. The cook was so kind it cannot wait for us to try everything. They gave us a tour of their kitchen and recommended so many dishes. Pretty soon, our table was full of all sorts of stuff to try. Our favorite was the birria you have to try it we highly recommend. As we were stuffing our faces, we found out that the staff also loves to sing. Before we knew it, they brought out a huge speaker and gave us a whole concert. We had so much fun -- Dinner and a show!

Even though we were definitely stuffed at this point from El Comal, we still had one more stop, Tacos Jalisco. Since the day was already crazy, we decided to order something unusual. Instead of ordering their traditional tacos, we decided to try tacos we had never ordered before. We got pig stomach and cow head and they were actually really good. We were so full and tired, so we decided just to sit outside and enjoy the view of center lake as the sun set.

Turns out there's a lot of hospitality and culture just around the corner from Grace, so don't miss it. Next time you're in the area, try something new and say hello to the amazing staff at the restaurants down the street. See you next time! Who knows what'll happen!