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Which Grace Dorm is Best?

So which college dorm is best? Regardless of where you choose to stay, Grace College has a lot to offer! Whether biking on the Winona trails, boating on the lake next door, disc golfing on campus, or spending time with new, lifelong friends, Grace College is a great place to connect and grow. If you're looking for a Christian School in northern Indiana, check out Grace!

Hi I'm Reggie and welcome to Westie. Man, I just love the stairs here in Westie. We get so much good exercise. And here we are at the best hall on campus, Westie Hall. Let's see what's going on in Westie. Oh hey, what's your favorite part about living in Westie?

Oh Westie is the best slice of campus. We're close enough to everything, but we're our own community.

You heard it here folks! Let's take a peek at our room. Here's our beds conveniently bunked by the window so we can pass secret notes at night.

And take weird B reels.

One of the key features of Westie is the many many stairs which are perfect for mattress surfing. Not that we ever do that. Another perk is that in the middle of winter, you don't have to walk to go get food. It's right here in the basement.

And it's better than the Alpha food.

That's why Westie is bestie!

Thanks for visiting.

Welcome to Indy Hall. Okay, this is Indiana Hall, this is the second floor. We love India because it is very centralized and easy to get around campus. And okay, this is our room. Welcome to Indy Room 211. Okay, this is a typical three to four person room in Indy. That's what most of the rooms are. There are some two, but we have three, obviously. And we have another roommate who could not be here, unfortunately.

And I just love having the open floor space, and having like plenty of room. Okay, this is in Indy Two lobby and as you can see, this was like where we do our homework, hang out. And we have growth groups on Wednesday nights. And it's just fun that we can all have this space, and be a hall and have fun together.

Another fun thing that we do on the hall is tumble. Thanks for coming. Now you know Indy is the best -- Better than the rest!

Hi, guys, my name is Emily. Welcome to Alpha Hall. Alpha is definitely the best because we have Alpha Female Week, which is basically a friendly competition between all of the halls in Alpha. And we also are right above the dining hall, which has better food than Westie.

So yeah. Hey, what's up?

How's it going?

Oh, hey, let's check it out.

Welcome. All right, welcome to Alpha Two. This is our lobby. This is where we like to come hang out, play games, do homework, all that good jazz. So yeah, right now it's decorated for Christmas.

So... This is my room if you guys want to come in with me.

So this is my room. This is what a typical Alpha room looks like. This is my roommate Lydia. She has an emotional support cat named Hubcap. And he's basically the cutest little bean ever. Yeah, so we have our beds, lofted because that gives us more room. And that's what we like to do.

And those are our closets where we put our things and whatnot. And then we actually share a bathroom with two other people. So this is our bathroom. That's our shower goblin. She just kind of hangs out in there. Thank you so much for joining us on our tour of Alpha. Now you know why Alpha is Balpha!

Welcome to Omega Three. This is just one of the halls in Omega and happens to be the one where I live in. This is my friend Colby and we're just going to show you around today.

There's a lobby that separates the guys and the girls side. So there's always time where we can all like meet together and be together.

We have a kitchen. I've been here three years still know how to cook but we have a kitchen.

Each room has its own thermostat, so you get to control the temperature of your bedroom.

We have a little study nook here. We tend to do this a lot. It's just casual right now. So messy, but we do homework there. That's really our where we set up our decorating stuff. This is my nook actually this is where I live right here with my roommate.

Hi guys. It's Colby. I'm here to show you a room today in Omega. As you can see we have one of the best setups and all of Omega right here where we bunked our bed and we have dressers and desks and me my roommate we set it up so that way we have the ultimate entertainment center.

We have these storage areas are where you can store all your stuff in the side. Nice little easy closet and you can just shove your stuff out of the way. And the desks -- Everyone gets their own desk and dresser as I said before, and just stacks really nice and neat and easy.

And the nice thing I like about Omega is the rooms are just big enough that you can do whatever you want with it and it just makes the most sense and was most comfortable. Thank you for joining Big Joe and I on our dorm tour. Hope you guys appreciated it before you guys leave. We just have two things to say. Omega is the best and goodbye!

Beta is good. One thing about being an RA here in Beta is that while I encourage my guys to be bold, be kind, and be you -- I also encourage them to live, laugh, and love. So you can see by the signs that I personally chose to encourage my guys to just build the community here in Beta. And in fact, we love each other so much that we trust each other to give haircuts on the very first day campus.

Welcome Weekend, I cut a dude's hair in this bathroom, actually, it's pretty fun. In here, we always have our hall meetings. And our growth group sessions -- It's kind of messy right now. But, you know, we just we have a common space. And this is where all the Beta guys come together around and have a lot of fun throughout the school year.

So here's a typical Beta room. It's actually my room. This is how you could live in the home of Kings really. Beta is good and it's a good place to hang out. We got this basement here where anybody from around campus can come and enjoy themselves.

We got a pool table, a long pong table, a bunch of TVs you can bring your gaming systems down, watch movies with your friends. Oftentimes, you just come down here and hang out with a bunch of other Beta guys. It's a great place to build community and have a good time on campus. Hey, thanks for touring, the best dorm on campus. You know where to stay.

Hi, I'm Olivia. And I'm Jodi, and we live here at the Lodge.

We are the smallest coed dorm on campus. But we're also the coolest.

And we had the best views.

Yeah. So let's go in!

Well, would you look at that? We have some of our dorm mates here right now. We have Tyler, Gabe, and Noah and we're excited to show you a little bit about the Lodge. This is the bigger lobby of the lodge. This is where you can find a lot of people always out here doing homework.

You can always count on people just hanging out just talking or you can always get together have good talks do homework together. To show you a little bit about what our rooms look like we're gonna be taking a step into Gabe's room is showing you what it's all about.

This is my crib. We got my bed, call mom! We got my wonderful flags shout out Guy Fieri. Over here we got the sink in the closet with high ceiling so you can put lots of storage. Lots of room. We got a fridge. We got two fridges actually, two. Yeah, and we got some desks to learn and study studious academic weapons.

So this is the upstairs lobby. We do our movie nights up here. We usually do one every Friday night. It's always like some fun little childhood movie. We have the foosball table that is absolutely crazy. Everybody has so much fun over here, as you can see right now.

Well, that was a lot I hope you enjoyed it very value community friendships, laughter and just good old times. Live, laugh, Lodge!

Hey, guys, welcome to Kent Hall. This is where the upperclassmen go to live. So it's pretty chill you know, lots of space to move around seeing as we have living rooms. So come up, I'll give you a little tour. Welcome to my room, 209, come on in. First thing you'll see here on the left is a fit check mirror for you know, making sure you look ready for the day on your way out the door.

And of course it's Christmas season so we must be festive. Say hello to the roomie studying away so diligent. I love having an apartment because you know the rooms they can be a little cramped, especially if you have three or four roommates. But you have all this space to spread out a kitchen to make food. And the fun thing about having a kitchen in the apartments is that when you make broccoli, the whole building can smell it. But when you make cookies, the whole building can smell it and then you can go searching for cookies or they can come to you.

So let's take a look here. This is my room, 203, let's check it out! Our highlight but not to be confused with the other highlights is the fact that we have our own dryer and our own washer in our room so we can get our laundry done and not have to carry it to other parts of the hole or even three floors down. Thanks for visiting Kent! See you later neighbor.

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