Becoming a Lancer

Golf Cart Tour

Join a Grace College student ambassador as she explores the Village of Winona and the Grace College campus. You will quickly learn why Grace College is one of the best Christian colleges in Indiana. Kennedy will take you on a golf-cart tour through the quaint town of Winona Lake, which we think is among the best college towns in the midwest--complete with the best restaurants, bike/running trails, and lake recreation. After that, she will drive you around our beautiful campus which includes state-of-the-art academic buildings, great workout facilities, and nice new dorms. After it is all said and done, Kennedy will have convinced you that Grace College is one of the best colleges in the midwest! Come to Grace and see for yourself!  

Hi, my name is Kennedy and I am a student ambassador here at Grace and I will be giving you your official Grace College golf cart tour today.

We are standing in front of Westminster Hall and first we're going to go check out the village. So let's go.

Grace College is located in Winona Lake, Indiana and as the name implies, we are located about a five minute walk away from the beautiful Winona lake. And right now we are currently in the Village at Winona which is a beautiful area of shops including this one which is Rocket Fizz, which is a super cool candy and soda shop. And we also have a lot of other stores and we have a coffee shop called Light Rail and an ice cream store called Kelainey's. And there are just a lot of fun places to check out and it's really nice having our campus this close to the lake. And also on the other side of us over here is the canal, and the village is known for doing a lot of really fun events, especially in the Fall and Spring and getting the community involved as well as students on campus.

Right now we are standing in the Gordon Health and Wellness Center which is also known as the G Hawk. And this is a great multipurpose space here on our campus. In one area, we have the weight room and the aerobics room and those are spaces that are accessible and free for students to use. We offer a lot of different athletic classes. So we offer Zuma and yoga and that sort of thing. And those are a lot of fun. We also have the Fieldhouse which is a great space, it's used for a lot of sport practices as well as intramural volleyball and basketball. And when that space isn't being used for practice or something like that, students are welcome to go in and use the track and other facilities in that space as well. The G Hawk is also home of our campus store, which is a great place to go and check out some Grace apparel and spend your flex money which is part of your meal plan. And we also have all of our nursing classes. And all of our sport management classes here in the G Hawk as well. And it's also the home of our counseling center and Grace offers free counseling to students, you get eight free sessions per semester. And you can also go above that for just $5 per session, which is such a great resource and just another way that Grace really makes an effort to intentionally care for their students.

Right now we are in Indiana Hall, which is one of our dorms on campus. This is actually one of our suite style dorms and it's also a co-ed dorm. So half of it is for girls and half of it is for guys. So Indiana Hall has different sizes of rooms. They have three person rooms, two person rooms and four person rooms. So if you are in a three person room, you'll be sharing a suite style bathroom with a two person room. And if you're in a four person room, you will have a bathroom all to yourself for just you and your three roommates. So the Indy rooms are very spacious, and it's very centrally located on our campus and it's a great place to be.

Right now we are in Omega Hall. And this is actually our newest dorm on campus. It's construction was finished about four years ago. And it's a great building. This is actually one of our community style bathroom dorms. So in the center of each hall, there's a community style bathroom with six showers and six toilets. And so there's plenty of space. I know that students don't have issues with waiting for a shower or anything like that. And also in each room, you have a sink and a vanity so that that way you have easy access to that in your room. So you don't always have to go to the community bathroom for everything. And also in this room, we have students who have brought their own furniture and we allow students to bring their own furniture as long as they bring a receipt to show that it's new. And then we also offer free storage over the summer. So Omega is a three story building, and on each floor in between the guys and the girls side, we actually have three different lobbies. And these lobbies are great spaces for community and community is something that is super important to us here at Grace and so we are really intentional about providing spaces for students to connect with each other and to have fun. So in this area, we have a kitchen that students on campus can use. It's open for anyone to come and use on campus. And then also upstairs we have a movie theater room that can be reserved by students who live in Ohmega.

Right now we are standing in our Miller Science Complex. And this is one of our newer buildings on campus also, it was recently renovated and added on to so it was finished just at the beginning of last school year. So it's a great new space new facility. And this is the home of our science department. And each floor has a different subject. We have math and science and physical sciences and biology and all of it, so all of that is home in this building. And this is also the home of our Lily Center for Lakes and Streams, which is a partner organization with grace and Kosciusko County has over 100 different lakes and streams. So a lot of Grace students work for the LillyCenter and partner with that organization to maintain those lakes and streams and to do research and also to educate the community about our local ecosystem.

Welcome to the last stop on our tour. This is our Manahan Orthopedic Capital Center, also known as the MOCC. And this is another one of our great multipurpose spaces here on campus. So this is the home of our business department and all of our business classes as well as our chapels that meet three times a week. So they set up this space instead of a stage. And it's a great place for all of our students to come together and worship and learn as one student body. And also this is the home of our basketball and all of our volleyball games. So this space is also used for practice and that sort of thing. And it's a great place for our students to come together and sit in the red zone and cheer on our peers and our Lancers.

Thank you so much for tuning in. I have loved showing you around today. And if you're interested in more information, check out If you're interested in scheduling another virtual visit experience, whether that's a zoom call with your admissions counselor or a professor or a student ambassador like me, we would love to do that you can check that out at And we would love to have you fill out our free online application and you can check that out on our website.