Scenes of Grace

There is no question in our minds that Grace College has the best college campus in Indiana. Located in Winona Lake, IN -- a lakeside resort town -- our students enjoy a variety of outdoor activities surrounding our campus. Our 180-acre campus sits next to miles of greenway trails that weave bikers and runners through lush woods and down to the lake--talk about a great location! And our campus itself boasts of its beautiful green spaces for students to play ultimate frisbee and hang hammocks. Come to Grace, and experience our Christian college community and all its beauty for yourself! 

Hi, I'm Mischelle Murillo. And I'm an admissions counselor at Grace College. We have a beautiful campus, a lot of green space. If you like hammocking we havea lot of trees to be able to do that. Students will play spike ball, football, throw a frisbee, things of that nature as well. There is a lot of opportunity to be outside and not just be enclosed because we have such a beautiful campus and the days are really nice and sometimes classes and professors will meet outside and then we don't want to just be a college that stays within its campus. So we like to go outside.

So we talk a lot about the trails. So we have a lot of trails that lead from the beginning of campus all the way to the lake that we take full use of which is really cool. And just because you have a boat doesn't mean that you can't be on a lake. So Grace, a lot of times has Lake days where they will rent kayaks, paddleboards canoes for the students to be able to go and to, to be part of kinda like community and then we have a very local coffee shop that all of our students love, to go to. Coffee is phenomenal.

Probably the best time to be at Grace is in the Fall when you get to see the trees, changing its color. And it's so nice to be part of the campus where you get to see all four beautiful seasons and see Grace and its beauty but a lot of our students will be out and about especially on the longboards and riding their bikes and such too.