Ways of Grace

At Grace College, we are guided by our name. With Christ as the center of our community, we follow His example of grace in all things. The way of grace leads us to explore powerful academics, create meaningful careers, and launch purposeful lives.

The thing about grace is that there is no place it can't go.

No space it won't transform.

No heart it doesn't touch.

And as a college. There's a reason we're named after Grace.

Because it calls each one of us to something higher and more hopeful.

Grace is not just the tradition in which we were founded.

It's the future we embrace.

As students of Grace, we disrupt complacency. We redeem ideas and reimagine solutions. We weigh questions and create conversation, we integrate and include. We insist on healing and remember mercy because Grace is not just a set of beliefs, its beliefs set into motion. It makes us hungry for knowledge serious about creating impact, passionate about a way of life that reflects Christ and the grace he has bestowed upon us.

So when it is time to find our own way forward, Grace gives us courage and confidence to go farther. Impatient to trek, brush past, and scale unclimbable mountains.

Wherever we go, whatever we do, whoever we become, we do it all in the ever expanding ways of Grace.