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Go Encounter

A unique aspect of Grace College’s curriculum requires students to experience a culture different from their own. 

In doing this, Grace offers several 10-14 day Go Encounter trips every year to fulfill this requirement - so, if you want to leap off of waterfalls in tropical New Zealand, hike the fjords of Austria, experience the Cathedral ceilings in England, minister to the urban youth in Los Angeles, or ride an elephant through the jungle rivers of Nicaragua, our Go Encounter trips are made just for you!

We value seeing and experiencing God’s creation throughout the world!

Travel awakens the soul. Travel is the best education. Come with us and explore the possibilities, as we cross the bridge to our first destination.

New Zealand-- Lord of the Rings, Hobbiton. Need I say more? Come discover the Maori people of New Zealand.

Israel-- experience medical missions firsthand and explore biblical sites.

Austria-- come see Vienna and dance the night away with Mozart and Strauss.

Hungary-- our new exchange partner.

Budapest-- one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Ukraine-- travel to Kiev and discover the heart of Eastern Europe through teaching English and developing business leadership skills.

Los Angeles, California-- the state known for Hollywood stars, but also the international hub of the US. People come from all over the world.

Philadelphia-- urban hope, philly cheesesteak. Come along for the ride to learn about inner city street ministry.

Toronto-- paced multiculturalism in a city not too far away. Multi-ethnic churches. Canada is an open book.

Guatemala-- see volcanoes and Mayan archaeological sites. Work alongside the Guatemalans. And enjoy their rich history.

England-- home of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis, and Harry Potter.

Switzerland-- Swiss Alps and Swiss chocolate. Come and learn about the Anabaptist movement.

Ireland-- learn about Irish literature and the rich history and natural beauty that make this island unique.

Greece and Italy-- enjoy Greece's rich history with the Aegean coast, the Parthenon temple and Mykonos island. Then sample food from Italy. And encounter the artists who gave us the Renaissance era.

Hong Kong-- come explore the city of lights, the city that never sleeps, a perfect blend of East and West. Meet people from all over the world. And enjoy breathtaking views.

Japan-- Japanese innovation, bullet trains, and pop-anime culture. Meet Japanese students.

South Korea-- do you know our exchange students? Come see their country. Learn about the demilitarized zone. And reunite with our former exchange students.

Taiwan-- do you want to interact with other college students? Christ College offers us hospitality and more. Venture into the night markets, traditional Chinese temples, and incredible terrain.

Thailand and Vietnam-- come see Thailand and Vietnam's beautiful landscape, learn about Buddhism, and experience amazing food. Come alongside ministries in helping Thailand's children.

Mystery trip-- unknown destinations. Explore the beautiful world we live in through city life.

Travel has really prepared me for life. Because it has helped me become more independent, has helped me mature and just learn about new cultures. And see how different people live on their own culture.

Travelling to other cultures allow you to see how fortunate you are, how happiness doesn't rely on material possessions. I know that's tacky. But it's true.

There are so many different things, like food and culture, people there. They are really different. So it's important to touch another culture to grow you as a independent.

You should definitely travel. Because it just broadens your horizons. I can't express enough how life changing it is to step outside your comfort zone and just really break those barriers of what home is to you. It is a little bit scary and intimidating. But it's so rewarding at the end.

Go explore. Because no matter where you come from, everywhere is a destination.