School of Education

In the School of Education, you will find students who are passionately devoted to their education, in order to educate others.

This program fully prepares students to take the necessary licensure exams to begin teaching in their own classrooms following graduation.

While preparing you to shape the minds of the next generation, our faculty strives to graduate morally sound, ethically equipped, and highly effective educators.

Students have the opportunity to gain hundreds of hours of hands-on experience through shadowing, teaching, and mentoring in local classrooms.

The School of Education prepares future educators to demonstrate Christ-like love and compassion both within the context of their career, and within their personal lives.

School of Education is on campus to equip men and women to go into the field of teaching. And so we have programs in elementary education, secondary education, and special education. So we meet all needs for all learners. Because of the degree itself and the fact that there's so many outside forces shaping what this major needs to look like, I can never really tell students that the content is vastly different. But the way it's delivered, I truly believe, is different here on campus.

A student who is an education major is going to work hard. And they are going to be well-prepared because of the work that they're doing. Not only do they have to understand the theory and the philosophy behind education and the development of children, but then they have to learn how to teach and strategies.

When I came in, I didn't think I could do it. I didn't think I could be a teacher. But now, all the strategies I've learned and just all the experience I've got in being able to go out there and being just tossed in and being able to just teach lessons, I really think that I can.

The professors here really want to see students succeed. They want to see you work to your full potential. They'll push you. They'll challenge you. But there will be many opportunities to work alongside them and become prepared for that future.

I think the integration of faith and learning is important on campus. And we talk about that as part of every program. But with our ed majors, we try to talk about the integration of faith and life.

Many times, I think people make an assumption that because we're a Christian institution, we're preparing Christian school teachers. And we're actually preparing Christians to teach in schools and all types of schools. So it's important for our education majors to understand that actions are always going to speak louder than words in their chosen profession.

I felt very well prepared for the workforce when I graduated from Grace. I think probably the biggest thing that Grace did was just really provide that moral purpose for what we do as educators and just talking about how we look at education as a ministry. And what we're doing with these kids every day has eternal impacts as far as what it means for these kids' lives, and so kind of having that higher purpose for everything that we do.

The field is changing so much. There's a lot of analytical pieces. So I can go and babysit, as I did in high school, but that's a lot different than walking into a classroom. And so I just learned so much more of the pieces that go into it and how much knowledge and preparation is really required. And luckily, I feel like I'm definitely getting that here at the School of Education.

It's hard work. We hope that we see that growth. And we do. I mean, I see those seniors in their senior projects, and I think they have just become this beautiful, professional, mature individual that has just really blossomed.

I tell my students that many times, they will be that one light in a very dark, maybe scary world for a child. They'll be consistent during the day and safe during the day. And that's just the love of Christ. That's our goal for our ed majors as far as true integration of faith and living life of a teacher.