School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts and Science’s mission is to incorporate a Christian worldview through the pursuit of academic excellence across disciplines.

Whether you are interested in Engineering, Theatre, Environmental Science, Illustration, or anything in between, our caring faculty is ready to help you develop the skill you need to excel in your chosen field.

All of our faculty members have had working experience in the programs they teach and are eager to pass that knowledge to you!

The integration of faith and learning is evident through every department, major, and course.

Students are challenged to develop an approach to learning that creates a vibrant life of creativity, a compassionate embrace of humanity, and a thirst to explore all of God’s creation.  

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We have four departments. History and Political Science is one department, Language, Literature, and Communication, Art, and then Science and Math. So those are the four departments. Basically, the first sentence of our purpose statement tells us a lot about arts and sciences, and it's that we are dedicated to a Christian liberal arts education that leads to transformative learning in the humanities, sciences, and professions.

The concept of our majors of graphic design, illustration, web development design, and photography, all of those are transferable to any other discipline, regardless of what your majors are. We try to help students build a foundation so that they can follow their Christ-centered calling in whatever direction that they want to go into.

Personally, I've loved my time at Grace as a journalism student, because professors do so much more than just teach you about writing. Before, I never really thought there was a way to integrate my Christian faith with journalism, but there is a whole lot of opportunities for that that I never knew about. It's really cool, because they don't just tell you how to write. They tell you that they believe in you.

Our professors are one of our greatest assets here at Grace overall and also specifically in the art department. They get to know you personally and understand your art style. And they'll even answer emails late at night if you have a question about an assignment.

Our theater program, you don't have to be a communications major or minor to do theater, but there's so many unique things you can do here. We do a fall play and a spring musical every year. There's a cabaret that we do, which is some singing. And there's a back in five comedy group that do improv things. And there's a lot of fun and unique things that you can do to get involved here at Grace.

All of our faculty are really dedicated in many ways on mentoring students. I think that's a way that Grace is different from a lot of institutions. And then we change first. And so I think that's how we're different, because a lot of people want to change everybody else. But we change first, and then we learn with our students.

One of the things that we've really tried to do as faculty is help students think for themselves and be able to come up with ideas and be able to say, you know, I think this is really the direction of the message, because the end user will understand this better.

Even though at my job I can't specifically put God into an article that I'm writing, I still have that mindset in my mind of, this is what I'm talking about. This is why I'm writing, is because I want others to see Christ in me.

We don't like to compartmentalize things, so it's not like we put the Bible over here, or we put art over here, or nursing over here. We just like to bring it all together and learn from each other. All of learning is sacred. It's not just certain subjects, but all of learning is sacred.

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